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We don't just design homes, we craft experiences.

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Compared to similar properties in the same market, homes designed by our professional team see:

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Increase in revenue per available night
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Interior Designs

Our professional interior designers work with you to style, furnish, and freshen up your home. Our photographers capture all the details.

Our Tailored Pricing List

We’ve developed three design packages tailored to the unique needs of our clients.All of our setup packages include: the sourcing, delivery, and setup of the property. These are true turnkey setups.

Standard Setup

Price: $995 USD

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  • Quick setup [1-4 weeks*]
  • Ideal for investors & fast growing companies
  • All furniture delivered & fully setup
  • True turnkey setup
  • Works great for multi-family or multi-unit setups. 
  • Perfect for corporate housing
  • Target $ADR Lower than $120 per night.
vacation rentals luxury living room

Premium Setup

Price: $2500 USD

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  • Ideal for premium properties over $150 per night
  • Ideal for properties in high competition markets
  • Design boards for every room of interest
  • 3D Floor Plans
  • Curated list of furniture & decoration
  • Coordination of shipping and storage
  • Full property setup
Creating a Memorable Vacation Rental Experience

Luxury Setup

Price: $6500 USD

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  • Ideal for Luxury properties
  • Ideal for properties over $500 per night
  • Ground up design strategy based on multiple guest avatars.
  • 1-3 sessions of design strategy + 2-4 weeks of setup
  • Curated list of premium articles & decoration
  • Free Competitive Analysis
  • Free Smart Lock (Installed)
  • Free Professional Photography