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LussoStay takes the guesswork and hassle out of marketing and managing your rental home with innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology. We focus on maximizing your profit, providing everything your property needs, and ensuring a world-class guest experience. 

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Our owners can relax knowing we handle every detail from before check-in through the after stay follow-up.

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LussoStay helps guests find your property on all the major travel platforms.

Our Process For Getting Started

Considering working with us? Here is what our process looks like from start to finish. 

Common Questions

Once we receive your property’s address, we’ll be able to perform our calculations based on previous data within the market to determine whether or not your property will be a good fit for our business model. When the data is finalized we’ll then decide whether or not your property will be a good fit and continue with our process of establishing a partnership. We are completely transparent about this data because we believe in delivering exceptional service, and we can only do that if the property is a good fit.

We do! Our interior design services extend beyond remodeling homes we wish to partner with. If you simply desire the interior design service we provide, without the need to partner, we are able to help with that. You can contact us regarding this service by booking a call or sending us a message at our email.

We promote our properties on all major booking channels while also marketing them on our social media accounts to ensure we are making the most out of our partnership. We also host our own website where we give put a spotlight on our properties with additional information that we may not be able to do otherwise on the major booking channels. For example, by placing our listings on our own dedicated website we have the option to write a blog about your property or remove the competition of other spaces that may be seen while potential guests are looking for places to stay in your property’s region.

If you are already well into the game and managing your own property on Airbnb or other major booking channels, you may be hesitant to hand over the duty to a vacation rental company for various reasons. For one, you are no longer receiving 100% of the cut and you lose partial control over some of the functions. We understand that. This is why we talk with our potential partners to strike the best deal for both sides. We’re also giving our partners the opportunity to focus less on their property, free up a good portion of their time, while also receiving passive income that can be used to pursue other ventures you may otherwise not be able to capitalize on when managing your property.

We offer our services across the United States! Our team is quickly expanding into new markets every week. Contact us and we will ensure we can offer you all the benefits our other owners enjoy. 

We provide short-term rental management services that begin with a detailed property assessment to identify areas of opportunity that will maximize rental income and guest satisfaction. We handle all permits and ensure compliance with local regulations. Leaning on our years of industry experience, we develop a customized marketing strategy to highlight your property’s best features and our team crafts SEO-friendly listings with high-quality photos and engaging descriptions. We manage all aspects of the guest experience, including communication and check-in/out, ensuring a 5-star stay. Regular maintenance and professional cleaning keep your property in top condition. Our continuous performance monitoring provides insights to optimize operations and profitability utilizing advanced pricing tools. Focus on comprehensive financial management includes payments, expense tracking, and profitability. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we streamline operations and enhance guest experiences, unlocking your property’s full potential for maximum returns with minimal effort.